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strategic plan launch

On 15th February 2019 at crossroads hotel Malawi Human Rights Youth Network with support from Counterpart International through the STEPS project is currently planning to launch its 2019-2023 strategic plan. The strategic plan long-term plan outlines objectives, strategies and guiding resources for a five-year plan. The strategic plan builds on the successes achieved during the previous strategic plan while adding challenges were not met and found mechanism on how to improve according to the MHRYN mission and vision.

MHRYN strategic plan is vital to the success not only for the organization but the entire network.  The aim of the strategic is improving the service provision of the organization to its primary constituents which are the youth and also to strategically position MHRYN in the national development land scape in order to get the issues of the youth on the national agenda. The Strategic Plan will also assist MHRYN to operate in a manner that is organized and focused in coordinating youth organizations to implement youth agenda between 2018 and 2022. It is strategically to provide the necessary platform for all youth organizations to be able to be heard and push their agenda of youth political and economic empowerment. Being a membership-based organization, MHRYN continues to strive to get more youth organization on board and empower these organizations to effectively respond to the youth needs and to increase national coverage.

This strategic plan has been developed in a consultative manner with the full involvement of MHRYN management and staff, membership and development partners the strategic development team consulted and engaged the all the stakeholders including the membership and development partners through workshops and one on one meetings. MHRYN focus areas are based on the needs of youths across Malawi and also it focuses mainly on its members program areas as follows: Human Rights and Governance, Youth Empowerment, Environment and climate change just to mention a few.

Below is the list of the invited participants to the strategic plan launch.

  2. Save the Children
  3. World Vision Malawi
  4. Help a Child
  5. Plan Malawi
  6. COFFEY international
  7. Ministry of Youth Sport labor and Manpower
  8. Ministry of Education
  9. National Youth Council of Malawi
  10. National Fund for Youth Development
  11. Girls not Brides
  12. GENET
  13. American Embassy

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