About the MHRYN




The Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN) was founded in May, 2001 as a Non-Governmental Organization to support youths and children as one of the vulnerable groups through programmes that focus on Democratic Governance and Human Rights, Health (HIV/AIDS and       Sexual and Reproductive Health), and Youth socio-economic and political Empowerment and Environmental management.

The programmes are delivered through its various affiliate organizations most of which operate at the local level while MHRYN plays a coordinating role at national level.

The network has an active membership in 17 districts throughout the 3 regions of the country. Presently, there are over 42 youth organizations affiliated to MHRYN representing a population of over 60,000 youths. This makes MHRYN the largest youth organization in Malawi.



MHRYN has three main strategies that are;

  1. engage: MHRYN works to mobilize children and young people living in poor communities, assisting them to become engaged in the development process and to prioritize and effect change and meaningfully engage duty bearers on issues that affect them.
  2. Empower: MHRYN empowers young people through training and capacity building so that they can meaningfully participate and contribute positively towards the political and socio-economic development of the nation.
  3. Support: MHRYN provides critical resources and technical support towards young women, children and young people in need of aid.